We’ve been developing and building pickups for 10 years and we think it’s time to bring something out of this world!

In 2012 I got a new guitar and found its sound lacking something. Having some technical background and Dad skilled in electronics, I decided I would give it a try and I made my first pickup. I was so satisfied, that I continued experimenting and eventually got some people to test it. At the same time, I met the owner of the Hathor guitar workshop in Kraków, Poland, and got basic training in guitar making. Together, we used my pickups for Hathor guitar projects and the results were more than good. There was something special to it, the response of the polish guitarists was very acclaiming, and all of a sudden I found myself a full-time guitar pickup builder. Through this time I improved my designs, added usable features like a plug-and-play pickup replacement system, and got some really interesting collaborations. Also, Hathor pickups now is not only me – I was lucky enough to find a skilled and dedicated person, Marcin, who helps me continue building to increased demand.

I never sacrificed quality and never will, the process is ongoing and I am here to open the new decade.

To celebrate our anniversary we’re building a limited edition of 50 special humbucker sets with unique designs and packaging. One-off chance to get a super-special Hathor Custom Pickup Set!

About the set


Yin represents the darker, older side of me. Doubts, questions, experiments. It reflects the shadow of my journey, my heritage. The past.

This neck humbucker is what you’d expect from classic PAF – warmth, definition, clarity but without the negativity of yin – darkness and fog. It’s fat, articulate, has pronounced midrange, and lets you shape it on both clean and drive.



Yang is the element of brightness and fire. The call to action. The energy that brings life to me and my products. It embodies my dreams, aspirations, and hopes. My future.

Bridge humbucker is fiery and dynamic, super-articulate, and quite modern without being too aggressive. It has a true 3D sound that doesn’t overwhelm but supports your heavier riffs, and bigger chords and lets you cut through the mix.